Hey guys whats happening. Well as you can tell another year has gone and pass since the last update. FB and Youtube are the my main outlet lnow for DB Productions. But dont fret I'm still payin the bills on this site. SO FUCK IT!

Added a new Photo Gallery of this years work. Just click  to check it out.Gonna try to make things a little more interesting around here.



Still here lying dormant like a hemorrhagic fever. Waiting for the perfect breeding enviroment to unleash my deadly hell. Well that time is now. DB Productions' new workshop is up and nearly fully functional. Sprucing up the site and adding alot of new photos and show footage from the last 4 years. So check back in often peoples. See ya on the flip flop.



Yes I am still alive! Its been quiet on the Douchebag front for the better part of the past year and half. My art has taken a back burner due to having to pay the bills and moving locations. I am now settled in the new place and will have access soon to a real workshop. This means having the ability to take on projects at a more aggressive rate and in larger scales if need be. Very exciting times for the DP. I also have a ton of footage from recent shows and not so recent to put up in the movie section.

So its Halloween time once again . Between that , Comic-Con and Zombiecon its been a busy month for the DP. My boy Mauro is a musician thats looking for a specific stage image and has reached out to me for some help. His vision was a character that would resemble an synthetic man alla Jude Law in "A.I.". This involved creating a headpiece that would be his hair. Mauro being an artist took it upon himself to sculpt the piece on a head casting I had done on him at an earlier date. I then molded and casted the piece. Pics can be found HERE in the Photos section of the site.

For Zombiecon I transformed my lovely lady Shauna into one of the living dead. It was a quickie project and had to be cost effective...i.e. CHEAP. It looked good for a generic prosthetic yet didn't last the trials and tribulations that is Zombiecon. Resulting in some major peeling. Awww well....

On the Halloween front I have become involved with a Music and Art event at the local Club Revolution in Amityville Long Island. The event is appropiately named " Monster's Ball" and features 2 rooms of D.J.'s , 2 bands playing one being my buddy Joe's industrial project Vircon, and a SPFX booth featuring myself and another talented SPFX Artist doing our goriest I hope. Plus a ton of artwork by some great local artists. With that and the usual band of degenerates I help out on this unholiest of days its been keeping me busy.




SO MUCH SHIT TO SHARE! So lil time but ill get there. Its been a couple years but i'm back on it. Gotta let go from FB for a bit and update this dinosaur. Keep on here and you will see so crzy shit.... i swear!!!



Nice lil blog about "Conclusion" can found HERE along with some new production stills. The link to our set photographer's stills can also be found HERE.



Just wrapped up a 4 day shoot for a short film named "Conclusion". It was a lil rough but we persevered through it. Provided the make-up effects for the shoot which you can view in the SPFX photo section. Also added a few pics from Halloween. Now onwards to deal with the holidays.



So yeah I paid to get this wretched shit back online. Woohaa Woohaa!! Hopefully will have some exciting shit to show you guys soon. Peace.