Douchebag Productions is one guy who likes to dabble in all that is horror, comedy, metal, and the generally fucked up. The concept was introduced back in 2006 when a room mate of mine asked me to help out on a college film class project. I really dug the concept but decided if I was going to do this why not put a little of myself into the mix. So what was supposed to be a 5 minute lil thing became a whole 8 minute saga. Not really but one can dream. It was a fun experience and I kept the "Douchebag" moniker ever since.

The basic concept of this website is to provide an outlet for my creative "juices" and try and make an impact on some other like minded individuals. All artists need stimulation and encouragement to continue and flourish in my eyes. My ultimate goal is to provide my talent to those who deserve my full potential. So here is what Douchebag Productions can provide:

  • Renderings of Concepts: Digital / 3D Maquette
  • Mask Making and Prop Design and Conception
  • Special Make-up Effects Artist
  • Various Airbrushing Capabilities
  • Being a Crazy Muthafucker, Giggling Gargoyle/Stage 9 (reserved for the crew)

If you have a idea you need conceptualized use this: FREE QUOTE FORM. Please refrain from need asap. ALL ORDERS ARE 5-6 WEEK min.

So there ya have it folks. So if ya found me have fun and remember what they say in Papua New Guinea....FUCK EM!